Bamboo Acrobat (gunslinger33) wrote in god_chasers,
Bamboo Acrobat

eternal life and the nature of man

If eternal life after death is plausible, is eternal life before birth not equally as possible?

God created Adam from the dust of the earth. We cannot say that he did the same for us. Why are we so quick to label God as our creator? Is he not referenced in Judeo-Christian writings as Our Father? We are not "created", because we were never in a state of existence or non-existence; only Adam can claim that he was created by God. We may not call ourselves "begotten" of God, for he did not produce us biologically; only Christ the Lord holds that claim. Christians claim to be the "adopted" sons and daughters of God, because as a result of Adam's sin, his intrinsic nature was obscured and separated from God; Adam became both the physical and spiritual progenitor of our race. From a physiological standpoint, the so-called "sinful nature" is simply this inherited obstruction of our equally inherited intrinsic nature: a kind of birth defect, if you will. It is only through Christ that some believe we can remove this obstruction and hence be adopted by God.

If we believe that some intrinsic part of us survives death, then what is that part and from where did it originate? I have often asked myself this question. I believe that Adam's original nature was born of God...the much interpreted scriptural "breath of life". Christian writings refer to Christ as being God in his very nature. It is my belief that this reference leads many to believe that they are wholly different from Christ on a human level. Is it not possible that the "breath of life" is merely the intrinsic nature of God present in all humans?!

There is a saying in Tibetan Buddhism, that the buddhas recognized their true nature and became enlightened, but that we did not and so became confused. Christ recognized his true nature, whether Adam did is a matter of pure speculation, but they were both sinless in the beginning of their earthly lives. We can say that we did not recognize our true nature at birth and so became confused, but that does not imply that we are born sinners...we are in a sense born at night, so we do not recognize the sun. It is through our belief in life after death and in Christ's physical demonstration of its proof by his death and resurrection that we can realize that the sun was never absent at our birth, we simply couldn't see it.
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