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Blessed Lunatic

I didn't lazy

Ok, remember me? A while back (like, two months ago) I made a post asking for opinions on creating a community support group type thing for those who struggle with addictions to porn and/or masturbation.

Well, I did. impure_no_more is the result. Sort of a cheesy title, but all of the other ones I thought of were already taken.

I thank all of you who commented and thought it was a good idea. My reasons for making an LJ community and not a website or forum are semi-selfish. If you're anything like me (aka a nerd), you belong to half a million other LJ communities that DON'T talk about Jesus, and DON'T encourage good behavior. nice it would be to belong to a community that DOES, so that when you're catching up on your flist, and you start to click on that link to smutty fanfic or some such other thing, you'll see a post that pretty much says DON'T DO IT! (not really, because that'd be creepy, but perhaps you'll see a post offering encouragement of some kind, convincing you that whatever you were thinking about looking at was a bad idea, giving you a verse or two, and putting you in the mood to say a prayer and ask for some help ASAP, because you know you definitely need it).

Weakness can be overcome through Jesus, with all of us supporting each other. Join away, if you're looking for this kind of place.

cross-posted to other Christian communities...I apologize if you see this more than once.
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