Just A Rainbow In The Dark (_melissa7) wrote in god_chasers,
Just A Rainbow In The Dark

Dream of Angels

I was in Virginia celebrating Christmas with my husband's and my family. I went outside, it was cold and sunny, the sky was bright blue and the sun made the snow glisten and sparkle. I looked up into the sky, in an instant a few thin, soft clouds started forming into images of angels. They were bright soft white, they were raising their arms as to be praising God, as my body filled with joy, because I knew they were there for me and I was in the presence of God, an image started to form, it was larger than the others and more defined, it was just the head and torso, but I could see the hair was long and wavy, the shoulders were masculine and behind them were huge white wings, the arms raised a brass or gold horn to his lips and the other small angels were saying inside my head "Gabriel", he blew the horn and out of it exploded a bright white light, like a star or the sun exploded, the sound was that of a roaring fire, I was frozen with exhilaration, I knew it meant something was going to happen, that God was here and then my daughter woke me up to drive her to school. This dream was so beautiful, explaining it does it no justice, it is rare for me to feel God's presence. these pictures I posted are very similar to what was in the dream.
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