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-- remember Lexi --

I have a prayer request, not for me, but for a friend of mine.  Her name is Lexi.  Last May her heart was crushed when her fiance broke off their engagement less than 2 months before the wedding and, for the most part, disappeared into thin air.  Her entire being and spirit were crestfallen.  However, she did the most admirable thing anyone in her position could do: she clung to God in everything she did.  She studied His word day and night and sought Him in prayer constantly.  I thought her relationship with God beforehand was amazing, but after the breakup her relationship with God grew to incredible new heights.  She is  now closer to Him than ever before.  She still seeks Him constantly in everything she does, and she literally prays continually.  She inspires me day in and day out with her walk.  However, there is one desire she has had in her heart since, as she recalls, she was born--the desire to be a mother and a wife and to have a husband who will join with her so that together they will make an incredible team for God.  This is her GREATEST longing.  She has just graduated from college this December (a semester early) and is on the hunt for a job.  She is becoming quite discouraged because she has been praying so hard but feels she has no direction and is seeking God's guidance in respect to finding a job, choosing where to live, and having a husband to serve God with.  Please pray for Lexi. Pray that God blesses her with the longings and desires of her heart and the guidance she needs.  Thanks you kindly! 

Also, if anyone has other prayer requests, feel free to comment on this entry or in my journal.  I would be glad to pray for you ;-)
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